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My name is Charmaine Kotzee & I am a qualified Acupuncture Practitioner & Chinese Herbalist (MSc & BSc). I have 11 years of experience in my field and I am passionate about helping people on all levels whether it is on a physical, emotional, spiritual or on a deeper soul level. We all act as keys to open a part that is ready to be activated to a deeper consciousness. All therapies incorporate the body, mind, soul and Spirit. The one cannot work without the other.   

Over the years I have learned to trust my intuition which I combine with Traditional Chinese Face Reading. Vibrational Manifestation of Alignment is needed to ensure healing in all areas of your life. I share my knowledge within each session, guiding you to manifest your desired state. My biggest enjoyment is providing guided meditations. Guiding the person to connect with the soul and spirit. Guiding them to see the beauty of their own soul. When we change, the world changes. We create our own reality.  

I specialize in Fertility, I will guide you how to be  fertile by preparing the foundation of planting a seed to prepare the body, mind, soul and spirit by working on the spiritual element of creating a solid foundation of love.

Let me be your guide, let me be your light. 

Many  healthy blessings,

Charmaine Kotzee

With Love

Charmaine Kotzee



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Adela and Pjerin

Wow, what can I say, Charmaine has helped both me and Adela to understand that we are body, mind, soul and spirit! We love the tea and can feel the difference. Charmaine delivers what she promises" 

Ellen Kooimanse

"Charmaine really cares and supports you through your whole health journey, she has helped me to change my food patterns and inspired me to become more health conscious"

Meg Gurung

" Charmaine led me on an amazing spiritual journey. Not only can I run again, something I had to give up due to a back injury. I now run everyday and feel 10 years younger. I now meditate and enjoy my tea each and every morning"

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